Greeny Michael origins is a game made for the Nintendo 64 in 1998. The game was remade in 2002 with new graphics, levels and more power ups.

Gameplay Edit

The game has 5 levels. In level 1, You can play as Greeny Michael, Doctor, Santed Sailor or Pixar Lamp. You have to run around 123 Greeny Phatom fighting soldiers. If you punch a soldier, he will explode and give you 3 coins. If you hit a box, Doctor Beanson will help you fight soldiers. Level 2 Level 2 is inside a bar. You can grab beer bottles and throw them at bodyguards and soldiers. Then, you can grab a gun and shoot (no blood) at them. If you hit another box, Little Girl will throw make up at the bodyguards and soldiers. Level 3 Level 3 is different. Your fighting on a roof top. Sometimes, 5 soldiers come on top. Sometimes only 3 soldiers come on the roof. If you drop a granade on a soldier, it explodes and falls off and the soldier makes a Wilhelm scream. It will only do it once. Level 4 Level 4 you are at a daycare. Demon baby's attack you and you can grab a rattle and hit them with it. You can also use stuff from your inventory that you find in levels 2 and 3. Level 5 Level 5 has a boss. The boss is Little Guy. He grows big and stomps on you. You can save the stuff in your inventory you got in the other levels and throw it at little guy. It takes 10- 15 mins to defeat the level. Then, it has a scene or whoever character your playing as and little guys in jail. One of the characters says something to little guy.


You can find 3 guns on level 2, and 2 grenades on level 3. You can only have 4 lifes in this game.

Lemon Grab from Adventure Time makes a cameo on the background of the cover.

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